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Our story begins back in 2009 and 2010. Tanya and I were talking about having another child and as such we were thinking about all the things that we would need to take care of a new child. We each made a list of items we needed. Tanya of course having the motherly instincts had all of the important things on her list. Me on the top of my list was a Quilt. I needed a quilt if I was going to have a new baby.

In our quest to have a baby Tanya quickly got pregnaunt. And then we were really disapointed that it ended in a miscarage. We then got pregnaut again and this time things were looking great as we aproached December of 2010. With Tanya pregnaut and stressed after the miscarage and worried that something would go wrong with this pregnacy I was getting closer to that deadline of needing a quilt.

I talked with my mother, Tanya's monther, Ladys from church, strangers on the street. I was desperate but I could not find a single person that was willing or able to make a quilt. Almost every person I talked to said they did not know how to make a quilt. In totaly desperation I went to Tanya and matter of factly told her while she was 5-6 months pregnaut that she had to make a quilt for our baby.

As I am sure most of you are aware the idea of telling a pregnat and emotional woman that she must quilt a quilt was not the smartest move on my part. It would have been smarter just to keep my mouth shut but I was desprate. My told me then that if I wanted a quilt I would just have to quilt it myself. That was the first point that I realized that I did not have to depend on any one else I could make the quilt my self. This starts my story of quilting.

To find out what happend next pleas check out our blog. My story of quilting is shared there and the first post Blues and Browns on January 2, 2012.